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Advent 2016 Reflection

The Long, Lonely Time of Waiting:
After the Annunciation, there was nothing to tell Mary that an angel had come and gone.  There were no footprints, no signs, no photographs.  For Mary, there was only a new awareness.  A virgin still, she was mother now of the wandering God of Israel who was the young and helpless baby within her womb.  Day after day, night after night, the mysterious process of motherhood would help weave muscle and bone, body and blood of her unborn child. For nine months Mary waited. 

We are apt to think of her life during this time as crowded with Divine assistance.  But the first and last time an angel appeared to Mary was at the Annunciation.  From that day on, it was a long, lonely nine months to the birth of Christ; nine months without an angel or a word or a voice from Heaven; no special communication whatsoever from God. The Gospels do not say Mary complained. Scripture uses softer words.  Mary questioned, she wondered, she pondered.

So in the long nine months Mary wondered “Where are you God?”  When Joseph was in total confusion about her condition, she wondered, “Where are you God?”  An angel reassured Joseph.  The angel did not come to reassure Mary.  As a pregnant woman in her final hours, she rode a jolting mule and she wondered!  She was pushed and jostled in the Bethlehem throng and there was no room for them – she wondered, “Is this the promise? Where are you God?”

As we embark on our journey through Advent, may we like Mary wait, ponder, question and still offer our FIAT.


by Sister Roisin Gannon, pbvm

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