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Meditation for Autumn

Autumn 2016

Creator, Earth teaches me by her natural turning of the seasons. May I be open to the teachings of Autumn, and welcome opportunities for my spiritual transformation.

When I reject the tattered and accept only the beautiful, when I treat things that are falling apart as the enemy, let the dying leaves remind me of the power to re-energize the soil by their breakdown and decay.

When I fail to wait with the mystery of the unknown, and when I struggle to control rather than to let life evolve, encourage me to relish the darkness of Autumn, and to enter into silent mystery to wait patiently for wisdom and clarity.

As Earth freely yields the bounty of her harvest, let me become more aware of the call to give my gifts, for the good of all.

When I fail to foster loving relationships with others and with the whole of creation, remind me of the frosty nights that can mortally wound living things.

When I neglect to care for myself remind me of our animal friends who prepare for their winter and let their hibernating remind me of my contemplative nature.

When I resist change remind me of our winged friends flying south for winter and let me be willing to leave my place of comfort and ease for the journey into the unknown.

    Author Unknown
     Submitted by Virginia Water Women’s Group - Reflection from Equinox Celebration

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