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A Lenten Reflection 2016

Prayer for the Life of the World

Lighthouse Whichever way we turn O God,
there is your face on the light of the moon
and patterns of stars
in scarred mountain rifts and ancient groves
in mighty seas and creatures of the deep.

Whichever way we turn, O God, there is your face
in the light of eyes we love
in the salt of tears we have tasted
in weathered countenances east and west
in the soft skin glow of the child everywhere.

Whichever way we turn, O God, there is your face,
there is your face among us.       J. Philip Newell

Where will I find God this Lent . . . in which disguises . . . in what places . . . in my heart?

Blue Eyes

May you be ever more deeply present
to the silence within! 
As we pray for each other,
we wish you the graces and blessings
of this Lenten journey


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