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Union of Presentation Sisters

As we continue to rejoice and give thanks on the occasion of our celebration of the Fusion of our NL Presentation Sisters with the International Union of Presentation Sisters at our Ritual Celebration at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist August 25, 2015,
we invite you to enjoy again the poem "Beyond" written by one of our Australian Sisters and shared at the Ritual, always beckoning us to go "one pace beyond".

by Raphael Consedine, pbvm

The spiralling energies of God defy containment.
The Spirit sweeps aside our fragile windbreaks,
and with a shout summons us beyond
where untouched ground waits bare for planting.
Like water freed from patient holding rock
our God's newness floods across the land
till every arid place will sway green-gold.
Not yet ... not yet ... it is only seedtime yet.

Presentation SistersThen let us seize the time and run with it,
sow broadcast now what other
hands will reap,
become the seed that in its death gives life.
O who would hold back now when all's to give and
every fibre yearns to be drawn deep into the holy purposes of God!

For there will be
a harvest and a feast
where all the hungry ones will
have their fill
and all the broken leap with joyous life.
See! Already springs this newness from the void.
See! Already now the Centrepoint draws all.
Already dawns the seventh day.

Archived Reflections

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