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Advent Thoughts 2015

candlesJeremy Courtney, working on the front lines of the crises in Iraq and Syria, says that the old lenses for understanding recent events and for moving forward on the political right and left are no longer helpful. "What is needed above all," he says, "is the one thing we cannot attain by force of will: brand new eyes to see." He goes on to say that "new eyes help us tap into the truth of the cosmos that some things are worth dying for, including going beyond the gates of security to welcome those who are fleeing terror, even if it results in facing terror." ( New Eyes to See)

When we listen to those around us, when we are honest about our fears, when we open ourselves to love, we receive new eyes and we can be transformed. If we are open, this is a constant and never ending process.

candles Do we wait with
"brand new eyes to see"?

As we reflect on the migrants
who wait for safety,
how do we pray?


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