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Ash Wednesday
Lenten 2015 Reflection #4


What is radically redemptive, liberating, empowering
in the earthly presence of Jesus is his LIFE, not his death.

The life of Jesus,
his way of empowering all he met, of confronting injustices,
his way of standing up to the power-mongers,
his way of practising inclusive relationships with all

that is what led to his death

The powers-that-be feared him so much
               the only solution was to get rid of him.
His WAY lives on
It is called the REIGN OF GOD.
                          – Dairmud O'Murchu, Jesus in the Power of Poetry

Jesus ushered in a new consciousness, a new awareness,
            which he called the reign of God -
a reign that was not just for the future, but also to be lived in the present.
This is the vision Jesus taught and lived.
This is the vision that brought him to his death.
The Jesus-story was a new moment, an awakening, a new consciousness.  
Jesus was inviting all people to open their minds
           to a fresh worldview that would change patterns of old thinking.

                          – Terry Abraham, pbvm, private lecture

. . . the “good news”, can become “better news
             if we can rescue our understanding of Jesus
             from the outdated worldview in which it has been traditionally presented.
The teaching of Jesus is the heart and soul of his “saving” ministry.
The “good news” would universally be “better news”
             if it were linked to his message about the “reign of God” in our midst,
            and to the experience of the sacred in everyday, human activities.
It is the message of Jesus, not His death, which sets us free.
This is the message the world needs to hear:
The message of Jesus is “light” for our “darkness”.
                          – Michael Morwood: Praying the New Story

– Prepared by Presentation Sisters Retreat Team, Virginia Water

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