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Autumn Reflections - 2015

photo by Rick West

The Summer ends, and it is time to face another way.
– Wendell Berry

"Then celebrate with song and dance, the harvest home, the harvest feast.
Now is the season, here the waiting field, Come, take and share those sacred signs".

– Raphael Consedine, PBVM

Song for Autumn

In the deep Fall don't you imagine the leaves think how comfortable it will be to touch the earth instead of the nothingness of air and the endless freshets of wind? And don't you think the trees themselves, especially those with mossy warm caves, begin to think of the birds that will come - six, a dozen - to sleep inside their bodies?

And don't you hear the goldenrod whispering goodbye,
the everlasting being crowned with the first tuffits of snow?
The pond vanishes, and the white field over which the fox runs so quickly
brings out its blue shadows. And the wind pumps its bellows.

And at evening especially, the piled greenwood
shifts a little longing to be on its way.

Mary Oliver

photo by Rick West

An Autumn Blessing
Blessed are you, Autumn,
chalice of transformation.
You lift a cup of death to our lips,
And we taste new life.

Blessed are you, Autumn,
season of the heart's yearning,
you usher us into places of mystery,
and, like the leaves, we fall trustingly
into eternal, unseen hands.

Blessed are you, Autumn,
season of so much bounty.
You invite us to imitate your generosity,
giving from the goodness of our lives,
holding nothing back.

Blessed are you Autumn,
season of surrender,
you teach us the wisdom of letting go,
as you draw us into new ways of living.

– Joyce Rupp & Macrina Wiederkehr

Reflection: What blessings will you scatter abroad this Autumn?

– Submitted by Presentation Sisters Virginia Water Retreat Team

Archived Reflections

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