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Ash Wednesday
Lenten 2015 Reflection #3


Every year, with the coming of Spring,
EARTH starts over
The miracle and mystery of photosynthesis
resumes its relationship with the Sun,
and renews the face of the Earth.


Every year, with the coming of Lent,
WE start over,

and are renewed
through the miracle and mystery of grace in LOVE and LIGHT.
The Voice of the Divine is heard within our lives
and through all living things.

Let us pray:
“May we be touched by grace,
fascinated and moved by all creation,
energized by the power of new growth at work in our world.
May our bodies, our minds, our spirits,
learn a new rhythm
paced by the rhythmic pulse of the whole created order.

May Spring come to us and recreate life in us.
May we forge and deepen our friendship with the natural world.
May we discover a new affinity with beauty, with life,
and with the Cosmic Christ in whom all is created,
and through whom creation continues to unfold.”

       – from the CHINOOK Psalter

“I am going to broadcast the seed
and let the wind carry it where it will. “(Teilhard de Chardin)

As I continue in the season of Lent and enter the season of Spring:
“What is the seed that I want to let the wind carry where it will?”

– Prepared by Presentation Sisters Retreat Team, Virginia Water

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