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Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday 2015


I am suggesting a new theology of Lent.

Instead of focusing on sin and retribution meted out
by a harsh and judgmental God,
let us focus on God's unconditional love.

Let us take forty days to REMEMBER
how amazing and loving God is,
and how being created in the image of God,
makes us intrinsically perfect.

Let us REMEMBER that God IS LOVE,
and it is out of God's love that we are created,
and this makes us the very essence of love itself.

Instead of wallowing in guilt and shame,
instead of judging ourselves, putting ourselves down,
let us REMEMBER that God's love,
permeates all life, making all sacred.

From "Authentic Freedom" by Lauri Lumby (used with permission)

‣ What holds me back from really believing in my own personal sacredness?
‣ What do I need to create my heart anew?
‣ Where would a new heart lead me?

– Prepared by Presentation Sisters Retreat Team, Virginia Water

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