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Advent 2014 Week Two

ADVENT: Moment of Grace

The birth of Jesus is not an isolated event in the unfolding Universe. It is a new moment. It is an awakening. It is a moment of grace. Through his life and teaching, Jesus frees us from our notion of a God, distant and aloof, to a God, intimate and active in us and in the whole of creation.

We are just beginning to understand the meaning of the birth of Jesus in an unfolding Universe. We see in him the fullness of human possibility. We see in him the fullness of divine wisdom. We see in him our call to let God be born through us.

What possibilities, what hopes, are awakening in me this Advent?
What God needs to be born in me, for this time?

     Isaiah 64:1-8

O Holy One,
we are a sleepy lot,
slow to stir to the calling of the cosmos
deaf to the cries of Earth
and the forgotten ones,
human and other-than-human.

We distract ourselves
with trivialities that have become idols;
while the sun and the moon darken,
and the stars fall from the skies,
we are mesmerized by the market's alluring power,
eyes unflinchingly fixed upon the navel of our own worth.

“O that you would tear open the heavens and come down,”
cries the prophet,
or at least tear open our hearts, pry open our eyes,
and end this slumber that blocks out pain,
and with it, wonder.

Our hope, O Holy One, is found in eyes wide open,
in hearts linked in common cause,
in small gestures of compassion,
and in alertness to your coming,
again and again.

As fire kindles brushwood
and causes water to boil,
so we await to be set on fire
with hope and gospel passion.


* Bruce Sanguin: IF DARWIN PRAYED

– Submitted by Presentation Sisters Virginia Water Retreat Team

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