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Advent 2014 Week One

ADVENT: Moment of Grace

If Advent is to be more than a reminder of an historical event that happened two thousand years ago, then Advent has to be seen as the celebration of a cosmological moment of grace, ushered in by the birth of Jesus. The Incarnation is an ongoing process in the evolutionary unfolding of the Universe, and we are called to be active participants in its fulfillment.

Bruce Sanguin* poses the question: Do we really believe that we have a role to play in the spiritual unfolding of the Universe?

If we do believe this, then Mary's call to birth the Christ is our call, too. The 14 century Mystic, Meister Eckhart, says: "We are all called to be mothers of God".

In my place of living and working, in what ways will I bring Christ to our world?

     Isaiah 11: 6-9

O Holy One,
in this season of Advent,
give us courage . . .

Give us the grace to repent, reorient, and recast our daily lives according to the vision of Isaiah - the prophet of paradise - in which the ancient instinct to lash out is replaced by the willingness to reach out across our differences

 . . . we realize
that which we share in common
with each other, with You, with all creation,
encompasses and affirms the dignity of our differences.
Thank you, One in All and All in One,
for the promise of peace. Amen

* Bruce Sanguin: IF DARWIN PRAYED

– Submitted by Presentation Sisters Virginia Water Retreat Team

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