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Advent 2014 Week Four

ADVENT: Moment of Grace

Every aspect of creation is a Word Incarnate a Word that continues to reveal Itself, in both its chaos and its creativity. We keep yearning, and all creation keeps groaning, in the process of giving birth to what is seeking to emerge. To be part of this emerging, we are called "to wake up and be alert" to the opportunities we have in our ordinary relationships and commitments. Living contemplatively can lead us to see that the stables of our lives the chaos and creativity - contain the Word Incarnate we often seek elsewhere. We are still coming to terms with the deep meaning of the birth of Jesus in an unfolding Universe.


In what way is the ancient and familiar story of the Word Incarnate taking on fresh meaning in your life?

John 1:1-5, Baruch 3:37


O Immanent One,
Word made flesh,
ever present as Sacred Wisdom in all creation,
in supernovas seeding the universe
with all the elements of life,
in primal lightning sparking life into being
on our beloved Earth,


in our bacterial kin
fixing oxygen levels fit for our lungs,
and in Gaia, Mother Earth,
tending our home with loving care.

We open to you
with humble hearts,
and minds incapable of containing the mystery -
yet with hearts that can hold wonder,
spilling out everywhere, in every moment,
for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear.

Lift the veil which keeps the radiance at bay,
that we might see in each other’s faces
your immanent glory,
and that we might glimpse
the miracle and magic of this holy happening
which is our life.

Yes, liberate us, before another minute goes by.
We are imprisoned by preoccupations
in the windowless cell of fret and frenzy;
end our solitary confinement
so that we might come rejoicing
into the radiant communion of life.

* Bruce Sanguin: IF DARWIN PRAYED

– Submitted by Presentation Sisters Virginia Water Retreat Team
          Sisters Alice Dower, Chrys Brennan, Dorothy Corrigan and Mary Dower

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