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June 21, 2014

With the Summer Solstice we feel the maximum power of the Sun. As it gives its fullest offering to our part of Earth, we enjoy the most light of any day in the year. This day is a good time to remind ourselves that, in myriad ways, we hold the Sun in our bodies. Like the Sun which makes living things possible, we contain the power to nurture and sustain life. Through this power, we have the responsibility to add to the light upon Earth. We have the responsibility to let our light shine.

        – excerpt from "The Sun", by Mary Oliver

    and have you ever felt for anything
    such wild love -
    do you think there is anywhere, in any language,
    a word billowing enough
    for the pleasure
    that fills you,
    as the sun reaches out,
    to warm you
    as you stand there,
    empty handed -

    Blessed be the wonder of the seasons;
    Blessed be summer warmth and length of days;
    Blessed be times of rest and recreation;
    Blessed be colorful blooms of flowers;
    Blessed be refreshment of sea and lake and pond;
    Blessed be all gifts of summer.
    Blessed be God!

Submitted by Virginia Waters Retreat Team

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