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Advent 2014 Week Three

ADVENT: Moment of Grace

The story of Jesus this evolutionary moment of grace is our story also, inviting us into the fullness of human possibility. Jesus wants to free us from anything that holds us back from believing this Good News about ourselves: that we, too, are to give expression to the Divine Presence in and through our lives. We are to become the "new human", as Paul says: "to put on the mind and heart of Christ".


In an unfolding Universe, God is always doing something new.

"See, I am doing a new deed, already it is coming to light;
can you not see it?
" Is.43:19

To be attentive to the "new deed" unfolding, we have to wake up, pay attention, see with new eyes. This being attentive calls us to slow down, take time and live contemplatively. Then will we come to know what "new thing" God is doing in our time.

This coming to know calls for a radical change in the way we live. The invitation to live contemplatively, not new in our Christian tradition, has an urgency about it now if we are to know "the surprising birth of God" in our time. While we honor the past and look to the future, our time is NOW.

What is resonating in my heart as I continue my Advent reflection?

1 Kings 19:9-12, Luke 1:39-44

As the shadows lengthen,
we enter into a season
in which we dare to cross the threshold
into the dark.

Help us, O Holy One -
you who are discovered
in the silence of the cave
and the darkness of the womb -
to learn the mysteries of life
that are obscured by bright lights
and buzzing brains.

With creatures all across this planet,
help us to slow our heart rate,
lower our activity level,
and find a safe place
to hunker down
when all the world pressures us to hurry up.

Yes, in this Advent season,
help us to slow down for Christmas,
that we might attend deeply
to the birth of the Christ
within us.

May this be the gift we offer,
to ourselves and our loved ones,
as we wait in holy darkness
for the surprising birth of God.

* Bruce Sanguin: IF DARWIN PRAYED

– Submitted by Presentation Sisters Virginia Water Retreat Team

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