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Thanksgiving Reflection 2014

In this lovely season when the dance of surrender is obvious, we find large spaces left where something beautiful once lived. As one by one the leaves let go, a precious emptiness appears in the trees. The naked beauty of the branches can be seen, the birds' abandoned nests become visible. The new spaces of emptiness reveal mountain ridges. At night if you stand beneath a tree and gaze upward, stars now peer through the branches. This is an important autumn lesson - when certain things fall away, there are other things that can be seen more clearly.

– Joyce Rupp and Macrina Weiderkehr, The Circle of Life

The changes we view in this season of autumn teach us that transformed existence is always possible. As we continue on our journey of moving toward a new relationship with the Union of Presentation Sisters, may our hearts be filled with gratitude for what has been gift in the life of our Congregation. In our letting go may we see more clearly the continuation of an unfolding story of love that embraces the oneness of the whole community of life.

As we gather as a community, family and friends to celebrate on Thanksgiving Day, may we grow in a deeper appreciation of the abundance of God's gifts that we share.

With gratitude for each of you,

– Sharon, Lois, Frances, Angela and Sandy
   Congregational Leadership Team


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