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Second Sunday of Lent 2013

As I reflect on the Gospel Narrative this Sunday, the poem "Transfiguration" by Diarmuid O'Murchu speaks to me...of identity, purpose, and  empowerment.

                           The Transfiguration

We're mentioned in the story, but we never had a say,
That strange transfigured moment of our lives.
Another of those meetings in the mountainy recluse,
Discussing all the problems in the missionary use.
And the warning of the troubles up ahead.

Our eyes drooped  off in slumber in consciousness so deep,
We were jolted into imagery intense.
An aura white and glistening, with Jesus center-place.
With Moses and Elijah  fulfilling empty space,
And a voice saying, "It's my beloved Son."

Well, Peter went hysterical and there's  nothing new in that:
Erect some tents of permanence to mark the special spot.
The thrill he hoped forever last,
Allay his doubts and fears so vast.
But the rest of us knew well enough there is more to it than that.

We figured 'twas a special grace to prepare us for the worst.
The glory we all longed for would entail a painful cross.
Listen deeply to the wisdom,
With fortitude and vision.
We were very slow to question what exactly  it all meant.

As for Peter and his antics, he took time to quiet down
And reverted to a snoring that shook everything around.
Back to sleep we all returned
Till the dawn's new day unfurled.
Descended from the mountain, to the plains of daily life.

From: Jesus in the Power of Poetry.

You may choose to use it for your own reflection.

– Alice Dower, PBVM 


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