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Reflection - Ash Wednesday 2011


Today, Ash Wednesday, is the beginning of Lent and I ask myself, "What are my plans?" What do I hope for from this Lent?  I pray Jesus that you will help me to remember your command is to love you with all my mind and all my soul."

Each day I will examine the Psalm as I do today. I will read it slowly and read it again and again to recall that I must have faith to understand fully what it is saying to me. The Psalm will live in me and may be my only aid to my prayer at this time. Jesus tells me if l am to follow him I must take up my cross each day. Or again, as he calls my name, he fills me with peace, and I ask "When shall I behold the face of God?"

Lord God, this Lent help me to do my best to keep my mind fixed on you and your Kingdom.

Let each one of us ask the question: What are my plans for Lent, 2011?

— Rita Johnston PBVM



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