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Reflection - Third Sunday of Lent 2011

Who is this woman who comes to the well when no one else is there? What secrets does she carry, that has her coming at noon in the heat of the day, instead of early in the morning with the other women? What burdens she must carry … not only the burden of her own secrets, but the scorn of a community who shuns her, ridicules her, and most likely gossips about her as she goes through the streets.

Imagine her surprise, when she not only sees a man, but a Jew at that … a man who has a need for water and risks saying to her, “I thirst … can you give me a drink” … words which opened the opportunity for being on eye-level.

Don’t you just love this Jesus! Jesus’ willingness to speak to this scorned woman …to be one with … created the possibility for an ordinary moment to become extraordinary. Imagine meeting someone who knows everything about us and loves us still!

Do we have time to stop, to be one among, or are we so busy we miss those moments? How many of us know what it is like to be this woman … broken, hurting, and alone? How many of us know what it is like to be the one loving … to reach out, to listen/speak with a compassionate heart?

Imagine being the one loved.


Imagine being the one loving.

Extraordinary moments are waiting to be revealed in the ordinary happenings of each day I hope not to miss them!

What about you?

— Sandy Butler, PBVM



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