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Reflection - Holy Thursday 2011

Holy Thursday forever has been made holy by Jesus Christ who, on the first Holy Thursday, gave Himself as food and drink to the Apostles. At the same time, He said to them and to us, "Do this in memory of me."


I have been a Presentation Sister for 75 years and I am grateful that we Presentation Sisters have the great honour of having Jesus present in our Convent tabernacles. We are privileged to receive Him daily in the Sacrament of the Blessed Eucharist as our Redeemer, Friend, Benefactor, Protector, Lover, and Spouse. Yes, Spouse, as at our Religious Profession, did we not become Brides of Christ?


How sweetly He must listen to and speak to our hearts during these precious moments of Holy Communion when we feel like exclaiming, "Whence is this to me that my Lord should come to me?"


Having become Eucharistic People, should we not also become Sacramental gifts to all people as Jesus did? In faith and trust we may hear in response His gentle, compassionate voice saying, "Arise, make haste, my love, my dove, my beautiful one and come."


The riches of your presence

  speed our largest dreams.

The fullness of your kindness

  expands beyond our expectations.


We come to the table with new confidence.

  It is never too late to be Eucharist.

Anything can happen when we share a meal.

  Anything can happen at the Table of Life.


— Sister Helen Bonia, PBVM



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