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Reflection - Fifth Sunday of Lent 2011

Through his tears at the tomb of his friend Lazarus Jesus said:"Roll away the stone" and "unbind him and let him go free". Both these passages speak of freedom ---a release from darkness, loss and death. Now there is a promise of new life, hope. God's glory will be revealed as Jesus calls Lazarus back to life.


What are the stony walled up places that keep us unfree? What are the tombs of our own making and the chains that bind us?


We may be bound by unhealed wounds of the past or unresolved anger. We may be bound by the consequences that result when we move out of harmony with God's flow of love. Or we might be bound by the hecticness of our lives as we fail to take some quiet moments to renew and restore. As we know, the bindings can be myriad.


The Gospel goes on to tell us that Lazarus was set free of his bindings and brought to life through the assistance of others. Jesus requests the loving faith community to "roll away the stone " and to " unbind him and let him go free "


As I reflect on this Gospel, I ask, "How am I bound? Am I open to the participation of others in my unbinding? And do I assist in the unbinding of the Lazaruses who are in need of release, and request that I participate with them in their unbinding?


Spend some time today reflecting on how U are bound. If you take the letter U out of BOUND , It becomes BOND. And how we long to bond with ourselves, with others, with creation and with our God !


And when the stone is rolled back and the binding cloths are removed, we will be amazed as we stand within the place of Resurrection .



— Regina Quigley, PBVM



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