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Reflection for Christmas Day – 2011

..the Word was made Flesh..
     What simple words!
         What awesome mystery!
              The world has been changed,
                                and changed with the Presence of God!

What greater present could we receive than this?

Today we hear stories of wonder, mystery and awe;
                        simple, yet profound.
Angels, shepherds, people coming from afar.

And we, too, drawn into the embrace of the Holy One!
How awesome is the reality of which we are a part!
Not only today but every day!
          Emmanuel: God - is with - us!

How will I enable this mystery to touch my life and to touch
the lives of others through me?

May the 'Word Among Us' bless us with every grace and
blessing this day.

Merry Christmas to you all!

—   Paula Delahunty, pbvm




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