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Reflection - 3rd Sunday of Lent 2010

Two tragedies are narrated in today’s reading (Luke 13: 1 – 9). Related is the slaying of a group of innocent Galileans and the accidental death of a group of people by a collapsing tower at Siloam. Jesus has three points for these stories:

  1. God is not punishing these unfortunate people for sin.
  2. Life can end suddenly, violently and unexpectedly for both the sinner and the righteous.
  3. Repentance is necessary for life. 

We have no control over or idea when life may come to an end. Often we live as if we have an unending future … as if there is an abundance of time to “get our house in order”, to repent, to prepare for the end. Knowing that God is all merciful and all compassionate, we sometimes fail to realize that God is all just.

The parable of the “Fig Tree” shows these loving attributes of God. Having been given life and remaining unproductive, the tree is given one more year to produce life.

We are given repeatedly the gift of present time. We are given the time to change but that time is not unlimited. Jesus is issuing a warning to all. The time for change is in the present. We know not when we will be held accountable.

During Lent we have many opportunities to take a closer look at our lives. We are encouraged to look at how productive our lives are or what we should remove from our lifestyle that might be preventing us from bearing good fruit.


** What actions do I need to take to cultivate a closer relationship with God?
**How can I nourish and cultivate the areas of my life that already bear good fruit?

Jean Hall – PBVM Associate



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