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Jesus said to Mary,
“Why are you weeping?
Whom are you looking for?” (John 20:15)


You have the wings of longing,
You know the pull of hope,
You feel the flowing of desire:

So, why not soar?

Fish cannot drown in water,
Birds cannot sink in air,
You cannot fall from my sight:

So why not soar?

Woman ,– (Man) I have adorned you,
Woman ,– (Man) I have delighted in you,
Woman ,– (Man) I have made my home within you:

So why not soar?

Be as the dove, I soar in her,
Lighten your heart, I soar in you,
Uplift your being, be an Easter song:

Why not soar?

(Mary T. Malone)

    • What prevents me from soaring?
    • From delighting in the divine within me?

— Presentation Retreat Team


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