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Reflection - Palm Sunday 2010
“Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit.” (Luke 23: 46)

During the past four weeks of Lent we have been given the opportunity to experience this season of renewal and conversion, of penance and reconciliation through a greater awareness and attentiveness to God’s Word in prayer, liturgy and a consciousness of the poorest of the poor.

In this Passion (Palm) Sunday we follow Jesus in procession through His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. He is being hailed as the new Messiah, but not for very long. A few days hence Jesus will be handed over to His executioners and treated as a criminal.

In anticipation of this torture, Jesus pleads with the Father to remove this bitter cup from Him. Nevertheless, Jesus allowed Himself to be led in faith to a death that would bring salvation and life to all. No doubt, this is a story of boundless and total unconditional love.

We are appalled at the behavior and cruelty of the Roman soldiers and enemies of Jesus. We often feel resentment and anger in reflecting on this scene and at times find it incomprehensible.

  • In our own day, are we unscathed, do we not hear of reports of violence in families, communities and nations?
  • What about the corruption and injustices of governments in dealing with the poor and uneducated people?
  • How do we deal with the neglect and abuse of innocent children?
  • Do we take the time to sign petitions to pressure governments to treat their people as human beings and with justice for all?

"Dear God, you know our hearts are in the right place. Give us your courage and strength to speak and act on behalf of your voiceless ones. Bless all those who reach out in untiring love and service to others. Help us to do our part in bringing about your Kin-dom in human hearts. Amen"

— Lantern Light Team, PBVM, New Orleans, LA


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