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Reflection - 2nd Sunday of Lent 2010


In today’s Gospel reading (Luke 9:28-36) Jesus takes Peter, James and John up on the mountain to pray. There they experience a real treat. For a Christian people these Lenten Days offer us an opportunity to step aside a little and take time to listen to Jesus in our everyday experiences.


Some time ago while reflecting on this Scripture Passage I phrased the following:


Up to the mountain top went the three
Invited by Jesus to come and see
There in the quiet out of sight
He became but a dazzling light
Talking with Elias and Moses too
The three weren’t sure just what to do.
Peter in pleading wanted to stay
To make of the place a permanent spot
For they feared, not secure in their lot.
From out of the cloud a rich voice they heard
“This is my beloved Son, listen to His Word”.
Looking around all was as before
There was only Jesus – no need for more.
They left the strange place came back to save face
While they were gone life went on
The others had the work done
And they had bathed in the Son.


Re-reading these words and again taking time with the Gospel I am once more reminded of the many times Jesus calls us to be aware, take time, “quiet be still”. In these Lenten days let us pause and look at how we use God’s gifts in our daily encounters.


To help us focus our attention and deepen our awareness let us ask ourselves:

- How am I finding Jesus present in my life and relationships today?

— Laurane Pittman, PBVM



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