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Reflection - Ash Wednesday 2010


In the late 1980’s a great fire destroyed many hundreds of acres of beautiful forest in Yellowstone National Park. The devastation which virtually reduced a large portion of the park to ashes was considered to be enormous and many wondered how the park could ever be rebuilt. However, some years later scientists were amazed to find new and wonderful plants growing in the ashes of the devastated area. It was an exciting new discovery and one that gave great hope and promise to the park.


Today we accept ashes on our foreheads. Scripture calls to us:  “ rend your hearts...”


A new season has begun for us. We are invited to divest ourselves of all that would hinder us from following Christ – to journey lightly through this season of grace:

                    “you are dust …”
Invited to
                    “Come to me …”
Called to
                    “Repent and believe the Good News…”

Let us arise from the ashes of past worries, fears, sins. New growth is calling us into a new way of being – a metanoia. Jesus calls, “Come live in my love.”


  • How can I make this “time of grace” a time to draw closer to God and to know God’s special love for me?
  • How can I make the “ashes” of my life produce new life, new growth, new hope?

— Paula Delahunty, PBVM



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