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Winter, a Seasoning for Deepening

Winter spirituality motivates us in our desire to touch that place within where we are wise beyond our years, that mysterious well-of-knowing so often hidden in our minds and hearts. We are called away from the traffic and the noise, away from our words and thoughts. W eare called from anything that would hinder our being.


The way to that holy space within is the way of surrender. If we want to know God we must be willing to sit in the darkness, consumed by our longing. We will reach our well-of-knowing only when we have the courage to leap into the well-of-unknowing. There in that place of unknowing the soul is taught to trust. In that sacred spacewe learn to ask questions with our answers. The question is part of the quest.


Each time you go into your temple to dwell, go as though it is the first time you have ever really prayed. When you do something for the first time, you may be excited, but also a little fearful. Let this be your winter- way of approaching God. As you enter into that sacred space within, let this become your prayer:

I am the one for whom God waits!

I am awaiting the One who is awaiting me!

Embrace the season of winter with hope. It is a good teacher. It will lead you to your innermost depths where God is contemplating you.



— Macrina Wiederkehr



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