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Advent Hope


Second Sunday of Advent – December 5


Advent is all about how we relate to the horizons in our lives. Watching, in order to see! Actively waiting, rather than just allowing time to pass us by! Resting our vision on the horizon and refusing to allow the shifting sands to deflect us from our focus! Developing night vision, that inner vision that allows us to penetrate the dark and less known places in our hearts and minds . . . seeing in the dark! These are the challenges of the Advent season whenever it comes in our lives. How do we relate to newness in our lives? How do we anticipate, prepare for, and even try to avoid, that which is emerging in our lives?


As we reflect on and prepare for the coming of the Divine Child, the new consciousness necessary to bring heaven to earth, how do we cultivate the faculties of spirit - faith, hope, joy, and love to tend skillfully this relationship to the horizon?

How do we dare to talk about hope, for example when all we dreamed for has been scooped out and our utter emptiness is exposed, a void, silent of promise and still as death? Who will plant the seed in the dark for us then?


God is our hope, our Creator in every moment! It is not our hope in God that will save us but God alone will save us. This is the mystery of Advent. God plants the God-life in us and the arms of the growing God-Child encircle us like a chrysalis, birthing us. When we say “I can’t”, this is true, because God does what we have no power of our selves to do, so we wait like Mary trusting God to accomplish God’s life in us. What we can do is expose our emptiness, this silent void - and lie willingly, waiting, until the seed mysteriously, secretly, quickens new life within us.


The little three legged milking stool that allows us the nourishment for trust in this waiting is found in communion with scripture, tradition and experience or revelation through nature, relationships and solitude. We are confirmed in this God-Life day by day. Just wait!


How long do we wait? Ask Abraham and Sarah! Ask Joseph in Egypt! Ask the Hebrews in the wilderness! Ask Anna and Simeon in the Temple! Waiting can be very painful. Remember the psalmist…. “How long O Lord?” The cry of complaint has a long, sacred tradition. God understands our impatience, our yearnings and hears our cry. Just Wait!

— Susan Cummings, Associate



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