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Lent is often referred to as a journey - a 40-day time period beginning with Ash Wednesday and concluding with Easter Sunday. ‘Time’ is not the only factor. Our experiences on this road play a big role. Scripture, prayers and other spiritual practices, are also a part of this special journey. The passion of Jesus, His suffering and death are highly emphasized in liturgical celebrations at this time. “The Earth is mourning” (Isaiah 24 :4-6) and “All Creation is groaning.” (Romans 8:21 -24). We examine our lives through these means and “Seek to pattern them on the life of Christ”. (Henri J Nouwen)


Mark’s Gospel for today tells the story of the Transfiguration. Here we get a glimpse of Jesus’ Easter glory, a sign of hope and encouragement for the three apostles present as well as for us today. He wants to convince us that He is God and desires to transform us.


At Baptism we were brought from death to life and the Holy Spirit came to offer us a divine power. This seed was small but it had to be nourished by faith. As St. Paul says, we took on “A new way of living.” (Col. 3:5)


After the transfiguration the apostles descended from the mountain and discussed what “rising from the dead” meant. In this experience not only did the body shine but His clothes were dazzling. The onus is on us to respect not only humanity but all of nature. “The whole of creation will be taken up in glory.” (Joseph R. Donders in Hearts of Fire.)



  • Do I see God in all Creation?
  • Do I realize that the Earth is also suffering its passion?
  • The “Transfiguration” meant “transformation”. How am I being transformed now at this time?

— Martina O’Reilly, PBVM



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