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God’s overall plan is wholeness for the world community and each individual in it. His vision is a healed creation, one in which we truly live in love. To be able to heal ourselves and others, we need to build a strong spiritual life.


Lent is a time to deepen our awareness of our needs and shortcomings, what we need to give up and let go of. Fasting from bitterness of heart, choosing not to hold on to grievances, not blaming others or condemning ourselves. Releasing our fears and anxieties, past failures, resentments, and unhealthy life choices or just staying “stuck”. Letting go means having faith, believing in Spirit and living in the now. The Grace of God can only move us on a step when we are ready.


Lent is a time of “letting go” and “letting God”, a time of deeper spiritual growth, a time to stop clinging to what no longer serves us. To quote Phillip Bennett, “ to open to the stretching of your Spirit; where my narrow self can blossom with new life”. Lent is indeed a faith journey to wholeness.


Psalm 140 says . . .

Free me, O Giver of Breath and Life from any fear that is in me today.
Help me befriend my inner shadows that distract me from all I yearn to be,
that hinder the awakening of hidden gifts, that I long to share with others.

Guide me, O Holy One, that I may become more aware of Your Love and Beauty.
Love me into new life!


The last verse of Rev. Nancy Freier’s Prayer for Close of Day tells us . . .

“I release any shadow thoughts into the nighttime sky where they disappear,
and when I open my eyes in the morning Light, I will see that only a blessing remains."




1.  What do I need to let go of?   

2.  What do I need to give birth to?


- Sharon Blandford, PBVM Associate


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