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Lent looms large;
Confronting us
With reminders of mortality.
Ashes, dust the stuff of
And endings.

Fasting, empty -
“Take nothing with you on the journey!”
The full cup - or busy life,
Too busy for that matter-
Cannot receive any more.
“I wish to fill you until you are brimming over.”

Praying down into the center -
“Now is the acceptable time!”
We prefer the edges of the maze,
Fearful of what
Discoveries lie at our core-
“Reform your life!”
“Rend your hearts and not your garments.”

What rending will I/we require this Lent?

Penance - no need to look for it,
It’s in the day
And permeates the night.
“Take up your cross every day, and follow me.”
Letting go -
Shedding idols of false images.
Surrendering in times of pain,
Suffering the truth of powerlessness,
Embracing mortality.
“Unless the grain of wheat die . . . “
Yes, Lent looms large
And its
Transforming power
Is urgent and essential.


(Adapted from “Crossing the River” by Carol Gura)
Submitted by the Presentation Retreat Team.




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