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Sacred is the silence
Sacred is the early morning stroll
along Corduroy Brook trail

Sacred is the sun blazing bright
Sacred are the moments we are blessed with
during these days of retreat

Sacred is the thought
that we (each one of us) are all Temples
from which God's gifts and blessings
are spread out to the world

Sacred is all creation
Sacred is everything
because of our living these sacred moments

Sacred is the sunlight
as it lingers throughout the day
At the day’s end it becomes so soft and low
Then sunlight fades but sacredness stays

Sacredness is the breath of the spirit
that breathes upon us constantly
Sacred is the quiet
All is sacred.



  • In your imagination, or in reality, journey to a sacred place in your own story. Savor the Sacredness.
    Allow it to speak to your soul.
  • Ponder your own giftedness and blessings. How might God be calling you to share from these with someone today?


— Margie Byrne - pbvm


Archived Reflections

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