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1st Sunday of Advent – 2009

The days are coming, says our God,
when I will fulfill the promise I made …

(Jer. 33:14)


Advent is a time to ponder and recall God’s faithfulness to us. The words of Jeremiah given as a message of hope during the tragic events of his people’s history are especially powerful. Like all prophets, he was ignored or persecuted for challenging the status quo. However, even when his warnings became a reality, Jeremiah continued to paint a vision of hope for the people and continued to call them to a radical conversion of heart.


Jesus, in the tradition of the Hebrew prophets, followed a similar way. In Jesus’ Kingdom, no one was excluded from the embrace of God’s love. His primary focus was the “welcoming in” of those who are disempowered, namely, the under-privileged, the oppressed and those victimized by unjust laws. Labeled as bandits and thieves, the acceptance of this group by Jesus was questioned. Jesus’ life and teachings brought new hope to all – no one was excluded.

As we reflect on this first Sunday of Advent, we are drawn to the wonder and hope, brought to us by the greatest prophet, Jesus. Today we are challenged anew – to awaken the prophet within, to reflect and pray for the courage we need to be a voice for “the poor and the disempowered”.

  1. How am I nurturing the prophet within?
  2. Do I trust the words spoken by Jeremiah? In what ways does my life reflect this?
  3. Do I realize that I can make a difference in the life of another person?


— Joan White pbvm and Angela McGrath pbvm


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