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Lenten Reflection

At the very heart of our Lenten focusing we have the powerful presence of Jesus of Nazareth. In the words of Judy Cannato, “A critical movement in the evolving understanding of God came in the person of Jesus of Nazareth…with Jesus came a breakthrough moment…humankind is finally able to receive grace in a more conscious way”. She contends that it was Jesus’ deep conviction that ALL life is accepted and included in God’s love and grace. This ushered humankind into a new level and understanding of God.

Jesus’ greatest passion was to live out Divine Love in a way that would “set people free from the images and ideas about God” that held them enslaved in fear. It cost Him his life.

May we use this Lenten Journey time in prayerful reflection on the person of Jesus, who, in the living out of his passion, his dream:

- was utterly convinced of the Divine Love of God constantly reaching out to  all of Creation;
- chose for his friends the poor, the downtrodden, the abused, the forgotten…;
- was acutely aware of the longings and the pain of the human heart, and was  always a compassionate    presence for those in any suffering;
- knew what it was like to experience powerlessness, frustration, the  shattering of his dreams, and loneliness;
- forgave over and over again;
- always returned inflicted suffering and hurts with love.

Jesus was so convinced of God’s love for all Creation, and God’s longing for human response to that love, that no power on earth could deter him from his mission to break down all barriers to that Love.

Again, in the words of Judy Cannato: “We are on the cusp of an evolutionary breakthrough … that requires our conscious participation in Radiant Love … that requires us to participate as co—creative agents of Love itself”. To do the works that characterise the life and the love of Jesus of Nazareth.


— Betty Daniels, pbvm


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