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An Autumn Reflection



The Fifth Season - The Season Of The Heart

Outside my bedroom window
The maples are turning again
to gold and wine and russet and red,
suddenly I become one of them.
Remembering the crunch of leaves on the earth,
Feeling the excitement of the past -
Autumn dissolves into a fifth season
The season of my heart.
Each of the seasons turns my thoughts
To something new with every change,
Nature reveals fresh insights into living.
I see landscapes and memories in quite a range.
The weather changes from sun to shadow,
According to my feelings, moods and pains;
Yet while the years go by, from
Winter to Spring, and Summer to Fall
Time stands still again,
For it is always "now'
In the season of the heart.


— Sr. Tarcisia Fewer, pbvm



Spend some time quietly letting Tarcisia's poetry wash over you. Listen to its whisperings.

How do you delight in the "Now" season of your own heart?

Celebrate Autumn's beauty and abundance throughout all creation.

Take a walk, real or imaginary, in an October woods or garden, walking gently upon the earth.

Listen to her calling you to oneness with all of creation.


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