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We stand at a critical moment in Earth’s history, a time when humanity must choose its future. As never before in history common destiny beckons us to seek a new beginning…. requiring a change of mind and heart … (Earth Charter)


“To bring to our times a new imagining, the bolder imagining of Christian hope: to imagine the world more hopefully. This is the challenge of evangelization, ( therefore the living out of the founding charism)…..one to be embraced with joy and passion and wonder at this God who is doing a new thing among us". (CRC Bulletin Fall 1992)


Silence: Be still and aware of God’s presence within and all around


Gathering Song:
A new dreaming, the ancient seeking,
We want to walk one.
A new dreaming, the ancient seeking,
Creation’s great communion
We are one.

(Miriam Martin pbvm)


Opening Prayer:

Creator God, we celebrate summer’s returning in the natural world. Let us be moved by this vast and gentle insistence that goodness shall return, that warmth and life shall succeed, and help us to understand our place within the web of life.


I am doing a new deed…. Do you not see it?
Cease dwelling on things gone by, and brooding over past events.
Come close and look! Here and now I am doing something new!
It already merges over the horizon.
Don’t you notice it?

(Isaiah 43:18 -19)




The spiralling energies of God
defy containment. The spirit sweeps aside
our fragile windbreaks, and with a shout
summons us beyond where untouched ground
waits bare for planting.
Like water freed from patient holding rock
our God’s newness floods across the land
till every arid place will sway green – gold.
Not yet… not yet…. It is only seedtime yet.
Then let us seize the time and run with it,
sow broadcast now what other hands will reap,
become the seed that in its death gives life.
O who would hold back now when all’s to give
and every fibre yearns to be drawn deep
into holy purposes of God!
For there will be a harvest and a feast
where all the hungry ones will have their fill
and all the broken leap with joyous life.
See! Already springs this newness from the void.
See! Already now the Centrepoint draws all.
Already dawns the seventh day
(Songs of the Journey: Raphael Consedine pbvm)


What stirrings am I aware of as I listen to my heart?
What hints of newness emerge?
What in me needs encouragement to grow?
To what action does my/our prayer call me/us?


Closing Prayer:
Holy Creating God, as you have been the empowering spirit of evolution for fifteen billion years of our knowable cosmos, so you will energize the future beyond our imagining. Our prayers, then, shall turn more often into hope. Guide us then on this continuing journey, where nothing is impossible with you, our ever Creative Loving God.


A New Dreaming… the ancient seeking,
We want to walk one
A new dreaming, the ancient seeking,
Creation’s great communion
We are one.

(Miriam Martin pbvm)


— Prepared by Alice Dower pbvm and Bride Power pbvm


Archived Reflections

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