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The Largest Life       

There is a beauty at the goal of life,
A beauty growing since the world began,
Through every age and race, through lapse and strife,
Till the human soul complete her span.
Beneath the waves of storm that lash and burn,
The currants of blind passion that appal,
*To listen and keep watch till we discern
The tide of sovereign truth that guides it all;

So to address our spirits to the height,
And so attune them to the valiant whole,
That the great light be greater for our light,
And the great soul the stronger for our soul:
To have done this is to have lived,
though fame Remember us with no familiar name.

—Archibald Lampman

The Lenten Season provides us with the opportunity to focus our attention on the great mysteries of our Christian faith and the great mysteries of our Evolving Universe. To listen and discern... *(italics mine)


What is MY truth that guides me?
The Sovereign Truth, (God), is revealed to us through our Faith and through the great mystery and grace of Creation.


.. “the great light be greater for our light”.

I am on this Earth to add to the body of God.
God will not ask me what I did. God will ask me: “To what degree did you became yourself?
To what degree did you let YOUR light shine?”

- “the great soul, the stronger for our soul.”

We, as St. Paul tells, make up in our bodies what is lacking in Christ’s Body.
The great Soul of God becomes stronger when we, individually and collectively,
let our soul become more whole, more aware, more conscious.

—Dorothy Corrigan, pbvm



Archived Reflections

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