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Lent - A Time to Remember, Connect and Illumine


This Lent, let us remember who we are - that we are all connected to the one Source - that we are, as Judy Canatto puts it, stardust - stardust called to give light to a world which is in need of the Light. Let us be aware of our breath connection to our Source and magnify the power of this breath by breathing from our centre - a breathing in which we do our part by pushing up on our diaphragm in order that we may receive the gift of breath which then comes in abundance - a reminder of that First Breath into the nostrils of our dust.


Let us reflect on the light shared by Jesus as He journeyed towards Jerusalem - a compassionate Presence we can experience as we breathe in the Life Force of God's Being; a Light which can dispel the darkness of any past and present failings and hurts. Let us recall, too, the modern day Light which shone in the being of Nano Nagle and the beautiful manner in which the light of her presence illuminated the lives of the less fortunate. Let us become more conscious that this inner Presence should be shared with others as we endeavour to connect and serve in the spirit of Jesus and Nano.


Let us also remember to be more cognizant of the majesty of our being - that we are made in the image and likeness of God. Let us honour the temple which has been entrusted to our care by striving during this Lenten Season to become more attentive to our breathing, posture, exercise, eating, prayer, etc. In so doing, we will be more present to ourselves, thereby facilitating our ability to listen to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor, and to be transformed by grace to be fully present to all and everything we encounter.

— Allan MacNeil (Associate)  


Archived Reflections

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