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"Come journey with us . . . attentive to God’s unfolding Dream . . ."


NL Gathering Assoicates 2016

Do you feel called
  • • to deepen your spirituality?
  • • to participate in opportunities for personal growth and sharing of gifts?
  • • to respond to the cry of those made poor and the cry of the earth?
  • • to reach out in faith with others in a spirit  of hospitality, compassion and simplicity  to all of creation?
We, the Presentation Sisters, invite you to explore the possibility of journeying with us either as an Associate (brochure) or as a vowed member in imagining the possibilities of giving on-going creative expression to the spirit of our Foundress, Nano Nagle in our day.

"Go out! For need calls loudly . . . Your pilgrim heart shall urge
you still one pace beyond, and love shall be your lantern flame."

— Raphael Consedine, PBVM
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#9 – 2017 Mary Magdalene
For Vocation information, please contact Sister Sandy Butler.
For Associate information, please contact the Presentation Associate Relationship Office or Sister Ruth O’Reilly , Co-Director, directly, or Pauline Lake-Devine, Eastern NL Co-Director, Stella Galway, Central NL Co-Director, or Bride Doyle, Western NL Co-Director.
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