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A Gathering Prayer – In Season and Out of Season
Painting by

Given to the Night- Mary Southard, csj

We choose to continue our journey
By listening and discerning the needs of today's world,
By being patient with the unknown and the uncertainties,
By respecting a variety of responses,
By fostering an understanding of global conditions.

We sense that beyond the known lies
Unfathomed means of expressing
Our centered ness in Christ
Our commitment of life
Our dedication to ministry.

We call each other
To enter more deeply into the richness of the journey
To reflect on our own experience
To accept the challenge of shared visions
To continue asking the questions.

We call upon each other
To shape our future
To walk where there are no paths
To enjoy the wilderness.

And occasionally we remind each other
To do what our God requires of us...

To do justice, To love kindness,
And to walk humbly with our God
In right relationship with ourselves,
With one another, and with all creation.

Archived Reflections

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