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Palm Sunday 2013

We all know the outcome of Psalm Sunday ... soon the triumphant cheers of Hosanna that were so significant this day would cease and the journey of betrayal would start.

As a child, knowing the story of what was to come, I would often sit in a pack filled church and think to myself,  "Why did you have to do it Jesus? Why did you have to go to Jerusalem? Why didn't you just stay home and leave things the way they were?"  As an adult, I have come to understand more about Jerusalem being Jesus' destiny ... that Jesus had to take this journey ... just like each one of us has a destiny and are on a journey ... one that can be filled with cheers of Hosanna and suffering.

One of the mist poignant moments in today's Gospel is when Jesus cries out, "My God, my God, why have you abandoned me" . Who of us cannot relate to this human response of Jesus? Who among us had not had moment s of "Hosannas" as well as tremendous doubt and fear and perhaps betrayal?  Have we all not been in that place, or maybe, are in that place now? How many personal prayers are said in that moment for loved ones who may be carrying some personal suffering or for ourselves who may be experiencing some emotional pain or difficulty. During this week, we might want to be extra attentive to our sisters in community/our family and friends who might be lonely or sick,  to our neighbors, our co-workers, the person on the street, our hurting world ... maybe we can say a prayer, spend ten minutes listening, bring some soup, say a kind word ... do some deed that might help someone to know that God is here.

May we somehow know that when our Hosannas seem not to be there, that God has not abandoned us and never will ...that God is the one constant in our life ...through our Hosannas as well as our doubts, fears and even our betrayals.


– Sandy Butler PBVM


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