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Easter Sunday 2012

Your heart is heavy ... the burden of duty lies like a weight upon your shoulders. As you approach, oils in hand to anoint the body, the specter of the tomb looms before you.

Therein lies the one in whom you have placed your trust ... for whom you have risked your life ... to whom you have offered your heart and soul.

But wait! What do you see? Your heart pounds. Your breathing grows shallow! Fear squeezes the air from your lungs! The stone has been removed. They have taken him away.

Running, you bring the others. Together you examine the chamber. At first you are confused and then realization hits. He has not been taken ... He has risen! His promise has been fulfilled. Are we ready? Can we overcome our fear and doubt and open ourselves to the message? Jesus has risen. It is true. It is really true! Let us continue to "run" with the Good News today ... to be people of hope, joy, love ... to be the best we can be. He did.


Sandy Butler, PBVM


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