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1st Sunday of Advent – 2011



We live in a perpetual Advent, constantly looking and longing for someone or something to come along and give new and greater meaning to our lives. The gift of Advent invites us to "Come aside; rest awhile" and touch into that longing anew. The spirituality of Advent echoes the longing before the Great Longing, an echo that continues to resound in the human heart. We come forth carrying this Longing, yearning for the Infinite. Had we not tasted this Great Longing, then we could not now be crying out "Come, Lord Jesus!" As Richard Rohr writes, "This is not a cry of desperation but an assured shout of hope."


The echo of Longing in the unfolding Universe is heard more clearly in the consciousness arising from the New Story. A new understanding of the place of Jesus in the whole of Creation is evolving. The call of the early church was to see Jesus as the Lord of all Creation, a Creation, we are told in Scripture, that continues groaning towards its fullness. We are in that groaning, and when we say "Come, O long expected Jesus" we are crying out for the embodiment of Jesus today. In his time, Meister Echkart asked, "What good is it if Mary gave birth 1400 years ago if I do not birth God today?"


Every Advent each of us is a new person. Each Advent our concept of the Jesus we wait for changes. We grow in wisdom, age and grace.


To quote Thomas Berry: "We are indeed in a great moment of awakening. A newness is pervading our time, and we need to be sensitized to the awesome transformation being required of us''.


Questions for Reflection as we ponder these words:

    What demands in my life can I let go of in an effort to further this "awesome transformation"?

    What action will I take this Advent so that "Christ will be born anew"?


Alice Dower, PBVM

     Dorothy Corrigan, PBVM



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