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Let us thank God for the bounty of the harvest field
    . for the work of farmers and gardeners and their closeness to the earth
    . for those whose hands prepare, cook and serve food.

Let us give thanks for all other species whose work contributes to
the production of harvest food.

Let us thank the earth for yielding a rich harvest.

Let us also remember those who have no harvest
    . people who are hungry this day
    . people who have been driven from their land by the greed of others
    . species that have lost their habitats through the action of humans.

May this horn of plenty remind us that we are all interconnected in the web of life.

—  Adapted from The Circle of Life ( Macrina Wiederkehr & Joyce Rupp)


Across fields and county sides all painted gold and red,
Across rivers deep and wide which countless streams have fed,
Across autumn skies above, come special thoughts of each of you on this Thanksgiving Day.

—  Sharon, Lois, Miriam, Frances and Bride



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