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Being with the Holy

Loving the lingering silence,
the blowing snow
the only interlude
beyond the crackling of my heater
this blizzard-like day.

The song of a bird, then others
Where do they all go in a blizzard,
the 100’s who sang choruses
in my backyard two days ago?
Still they sing, even in the storm.

I feel my feet cool on the hardwood floor
as gently, silently my rocker glides.
A soft breeze finds the crack in my window
and breathes gently on my cheek.
Mostly silence surrounds me, fills my soul.

Being present … simply being with you, God …
Listening close … simply listening … deeply aware …
Hungry to hear … hungry for you …
I hear a whisper on the wind, as if an echo,
“Come and be filled … then go and

  - Sheila Leonard, pbvm



Listen closely to the wintery silence of creation’s unfolding.
    • What might it be whispering to you today?
    • In light of the New Story, what might be its invitation to you in caring for Earth and those made poor?
    • How might your own listening heart respond anew?

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