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World Day of Prayer for Vocations
May 03, 2009


To be born is to be chosen. There is something special that each of us has to do in the world. If someone else could do it, they would be here and not us. One of the fascinating questions is to decipher what one’s destiny is.


The notion of vocation is interesting and rich. It suggests that there is a special form of life that one is called to; to follow this is the way to realize one’s destiny. Following one’s vocation ensures that what you choose to do finds itself in harmony with your inner nature. It also means that this is the optimum way to unfold and develop whatever gifts one has. (John O Donohue: To Bless the Space Between Us p. 132- 133)


The fundamental pastoral challenge at this time is that of creating a 'Vocation Culture' in the church in North America: that is, a culture in which each Christian is empowered to identify and respond to the mission to which he or she is called as a member of the Body of Christ, in and for the world... Vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life, to single and married life, to lay ministry and Christian witness in a secular society - will flourish in a church where each member can identify and live out the Father's call to life and holiness, the Son's call to discipleship and communion, and the Spirit's call to witness and mission. (Montreal Vocation Congress 2002 Document: Conversion, Discernment, Mission, 11-12)


We are encouraged to unite in prayer today with all people around the world.


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