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Lent: A Time of Reconnection

Return to the Lord your God, who is gracious and merciful, slow in anger, and abounding in steadfast love, and relents from punishing. (Joel 2:12)


Deep within the heart there is a primal pain of longing, the cry of the soul separated from its source. The pain comes from the memory of when we were together with God. This process allows us special moments in our life when we can taste of this union, a taste of the divine remembrance. — Judy Schroeder


In Eastern Spirituality the sixth chakra is the “Third Eye” – the chakra of wisdom. One of the challenges of this chakra is trusting to act on internal direction. Lent offers us the space to engage this “third eye” and to ponder again where we are going. It allows us to seek the direction and the choices that will bring us back to that deeper connection with ourselves, with our God, and with all of creation.


Judy Cannato, writing in Quantum Grace, states that “the closer our union to the divine, the fuller our communion with all of creation.”


Teilhard de Chardin believed that we are “spiritual beings on a human journey.”

Reflecting on these gems of collective Wisdom —

What direction or choices will lead me (us) to right relationship
           with ourselves?
                      with our God?
                                and with all of creation?

— Clo Martin, pbvm


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